Healing / Miracles


Healed from Epilepsy

     This woman tells Evangelist Zelfimyan of her struggle with epilepsy and how it has been a tremendous burden for many years. After this Peter took authority over the demon and commanded it to flee in Jesus name.

     She then shared the following with her pastor forty-five days later “I have not had one attack since which is a miracle for I would have them weekly. Please send thanks to Peter Mehl and his team.”

Spine, hip and leg healed. Can now walk without cane.

     Kaaren shares how this woman was healed during our meeting in Bolgrad, Ukraine. Over a month later the pastor confirmed the healing and the life change this woman has had.

     “She no longer needs the aid of a cane and her hip, spine and leg are pain~free! She went from a sad face to all smiles with one touch from God.”Pastor Sergei

RHM Booklet Brings Alcoholic to Jesus!

     This is Alena, who was an alcoholic and was on the verge of death. Her niece is a believer and came to her one last time to try to reach her. She left her our booklet The Way The Truth and The Life. Alena threw the booklet on the counter and asked her niece to leave. After this Alena went on a two week drunk and then found herself with a rope in her hand ready to hang herself.

     Just when she was to commit suicide she saw our booklet sticking out from under her purse on the counter. She stopped and read the booklet and then prayed the sinners prayer at the end. She called out to God and He saved her.

     Two days later our missionary friends knocked on her door and she has been sober and in church ever since. JESUS still saves, heals and delivers!

Peter Mehl Receives Double Healing! 

     On October 26, I received a tremendous double healing while watching an interview on the Sid Roth program “It’s Supernatural.”

     Jill and I had returned from Ukraine and Moldova in early October after completing a 15 crusade tour and we were physically drained. During this time I began to encounter tremendous pain in my lower left abdomen. I chose to stand in faith without a doctors visit and read healing scriptures daily but on October 26 the pain was too severe, and knowing that we were leaving again for Moldova, I went to the local clinic.

     During the exam the doctor told me that I had “Diverticulitis.” I had never heard of this. I had to Google it when I returned home just to figure out exactly what I had to overcome.

     After returning from the clinic I spent more time in the Word and reading and confessing healing scriptures. Then I remembered that I had not watched “It’s Supernatural” for some time and often there are good testimonies of God’s healing power.

     It was the 21:26 mark of the Gary Wood interview when my double miracle came. The first words Gary Wood spoke when he began to give words of knowledge were that someone was being healed of “Diverticulitis.” I just about went through the roof! This was less than two hours after the doctors prognosis.

     However, it was the second word that caused me to run around my house. He said that someone was being healed of a torn rotor cuff. You see, in March of 2007, I tore the rotor cuff on my left shoulder and have been in pain for five years. I chose to not have the $12,000 surgery but have stood in faith waiting for my turn for a miracle.

     As soon as I heard Gary Wood call out the healing the pain in my lower left side immediately left and has never returned and I have been to the gym overseas and stateside during the last two months and have done lifts I have not been able to do in five years ~ without pain!

     In less than eight seconds through two words of knowledge I was instantly healed ~ twice! No surgery! No more pain! No more sleepless nights because of pain!

     Praise Jesus for His healing power!

Blind Woman Receives Her Sight!

Gmiryanka village crusade proves to be life changing for one grandmother. Sitting next to her house looking lonely our team members opened her gate and entered her yard to invite her to the crusade. “Her name is Nadya and she opened up her heart to us” said pastor Elijah. Nadya shared how she went through World War II and all of her friends were killed. Of her group of friends, she alone lived through the atrocities of the war. We gave her one of our Christian newspapers and she brought it to her chest and hugged it saying “I can- not see good enough to read but I will cherish this gift, thank you.”

Elijah said “We then invited her to the crusade but she then said ‘I have no one to bring me.’ It was such a moving moment but we told her ‘we will return to give you a ride.’”

During the first meeting Galya prayed for a miracle for Nadya. The next night Nadya was ready and waiting for the van to pick her two hours before the service. She sat through the meeting wide-eyed and excited and when we shared about the studying in the correspondence Bible school she asked
if she could sign up. Surprised one of the team members said “but you can’t see.” “I couldn't see” Nadya said “but I can now.” I returned home last night after Galya prayed for me and for the first time in many years I began seeing things in my house. I used to feel my way around but I began seeing my teapot, chairs and I have already read half of the newspaper that you gave me.” Everyone rejoiced with her and then prayed again but for total and complete restoration.

Without heat in the hall many people walked out before we could finish but the ones that stayed opened their hearts to the Lord. 10 people made commitments to Jesus and before we left they personally spoke with the administrator about a warm room to hold meetings. Yes, they want us back to launch something long-term. In spite of the challenges in Gmiryanka God had His way. Lives were changed and Nadya received her miracle of sight. We have to learn to never limit God. Pray in faith and expect daily miracles.


Galya prays for her healing.

Galya takes contact info.