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Children come to Jesus during street ministry!

Ukraine boot camp soldiers turn to Jesus!

Hundreds put faith in Jesus!

Over 50 put faith in Jesus!


The Great Commission is Our Mission

Peter Mehl with Sid Roth at the Odessa, Ukraine airport. After two days of successful outreaches where over 1,000 Jews made confessions of faith in Jesus, Peter brings Sid and his team to the airport in preparations for their flight home.

RHM did all the outreach planning, oversight and followup. We brought together key pastors and churches in partnership for this great outreach to see as many Jews as possible hear the Gospel.

Go to “NEWSLETTER” ~ Click on December 2015 and read the full report of the outreach on pages 8-11.

Year of the TONGUE

RHM has launched YEAR OF THE TONGUE. A major Initiative to bring the church back to its foundation of praying in the Holy Ghost. We designed our materials and new website for a Russian speaking audience, however, all DVDs and Audio messages are English with Russian translation. Only the booklet, Your Supernatural Languages is in Russian only. Thousands around Ukraine and soon to be around the world will join us!

Missionary Evangelist

Peter L. Mehl

Join with Russian Harvest Ministries as we reach thousands every month for Jesus Christ in the former Soviet Union and beyond.

RHM is now active in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. We are also now training up evangelists in Russia, Belorussia and Norway. God is opening the doors and we are running through full speed as we conduct 300-400 outreaches every year. Leaders are raised up plus powerful evangelists for these Last Days before Jesus returns. Join the cause and let’s finish strong!

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120 put faith in Christ!

15 put faith in Christ!

Delivered from demons!

Over 80 Ukraine soldiers repent and put faith in Jesus!

62 children put faith in the Lord!

Children saved and another church is born!

43 come to the Lord!

84 children come to the Lord!

55 children put faith in Christ!