By Sponsoring a Missionary that is native to Ukraine or Moldova your investment into eternal things is magnified greatly.   

     When you sponsor a missionary with a monthly gift of just $30 you are reaching souls for Jesus! 

     As you support a missionary work like ours in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova or Romania you literally help them take the Gospel to places it has never been preached. 

     Please help today - give to RHM World Missions and help us bring in the Final Harvest.

Support a Missionary

"I heartily recommend Peter and Jill Mehl Ministries to anyone who wants to further God's kingdom in these tremendous harvest fields. They have the anointing, experience, integrity, vision, energy and methods to get the job done." Rev. Bob Weiner, Weiner Ministries International – Florida

Did you know that total support of an American missionary to another country costs around $70,000.00 a year? That's a lot of money! Now, did you know that total support for a Ukraine missionary only costs between $3,600.00 and $4,800 a year depending on family status?

So why is there such a dramatic difference? Well, as Americans, we've become accustomed to a different lifestyle and try to keep it as best we can when we go on the mission field, plus there is medical insurance, retirement and taxes that have to be paid, so it adds up. Ukrainian missionaries are already accustomed to the country's culture and lifestyle and they know the language. After all, they grew up there.  As a further benefit, our missionaries have proven themselves as true pioneers, pushing their way through the trenches of the front lines to reach their fellow countrymen for Jesus Christ.

You and I have the privilege of coming alongside them, not physically, but by prayerfully and financially supporting them. In an essence we can be their Aaron's and Hur's, and just as they held Moses’ tired arms during the battle, you can do the same. We all have our place in this Great Commission.

  1. Are you ready to do your part and support a missionary?

  2. Are you ready to take part in the Great Commission?

  3. Are you ready to make an impact by supporting a missionary? 

  4. You won't be sorry, in fact you'll never make a better investment, than investing in these missionaries lives and in the souls that will be saved for the Kingdom of God.  Because you partnered with an on-the-ground soul winner! 

How amazing is that! Your prayers and financial support will save soul after soul as long as your missionary stays in the field.

Click on the links below and get to know just a few of our many missionaries that still need monthly support.

God Bless you as you obey His voice.

Just a Few of our Missionaries in need of support!

So how does Support a missionary partnership work?

     For only $30.00 a month, just $360 a year, we will send you the information of the missionary you have been led to support. During the year we will send you updates from these missionaries who have been blessed to have you by their side.

     Now, I know what you are thinking, "I thought you said that it cost around $3,600.00 a year to support a native missionary, but if I send $30.00 a month that only $360.00 a year." The reason we say $30.00 a month or $360.00 a year is because for most people the full amount would be very overwhelming. So we break it down and each missionary is supported by 8 - 12 supporters/partners. This way if someone would have to end their support for any reason, the missionary would still have support coming in.

     With your help you will keep these missionaries on the front lines where they are planting churches, evangelizing villages and reaching the lost for Jesus Christ! Will you answer their prayers?

      Have any more questions or concerns? Email us at

     Want to take that step and partner with one of these missionaries who are on the front lines? ~ Support a Missionary


Or you can mail your support to :

Russian Harvest Ministries

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Thanks much and God bless.


Peter L. Mehl


Russian Harvest Ministries