There are several ways to partner with Russian Harvest Ministries in our mission.  Team 1,000 is one of the ways as you Sponsor a Missionary. Prayerfully consider joining us in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the former Soviet Union and beyond.

Team 1,000


Team 1,000 is dedicated to pioneering 1,000 churches and reaching one-million people for Jesus in the nation of Ukraine! World Missions is God's heartbeat and the most productive use of funds is to support a missionary from their native country. You can be part of a team that is making significant eternal impact through missionary support of Ukrainians.

Do You Desire Eternal Significance?

Do You Want to Reach Thousands for Jesus?

For just $30 per month - that's only $1 per day...for the cost of a cup of coffee you can

help keep a Ukrainian missionary on the field evangelizing, preaching to hundreds

of un-reached people every month and planting churches.

People from this former communist country will be in Heaven because of You!

Our missionaries preach the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They do the works of the Master,

pray for the sick, deliver people from demon bondage, and even raise the dead!

Team 1,000 is Dedicated to Pioneering 1,000 Churches

and Reaching One-million People for Jesus as we raise up and support missionaries in the Nation of Ukraine!

Missionary Evangelist Peter Mehl is on a  mission to raise up 1,000 partners who will support a missionary, Ukrainian or Russian, for just $30 per month. 

We need friends like yourself to join us by giving to missions, so we can keep 100 full-time Ukrainian missionaries on the field.  Each missionary requires about ten supporters. 

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" Mark 16:15

100% of your monthly gift will go to sponsor a missionary.

For only $30 a month you will help to provide the physical needs of a missionary (and his family) to allow him to preach the Gospel to the lost and minister to believers full time.

When you sponsor a missionary you will receive a photo and testimony of the missionary.

Every missionary is involved full-time in evangelizing, making disciples and pioneering churches for the glory of God.  For only $30 per month (1$ per day) you can help sponsor a missionary, keeping them on the field.  You can truly make an eternal difference.

What Will Your Support Produce?  ~  Souls Saved!

Soldiers saved!

Boy saved!

Elderly woman saved!

Prisoners saved!

Hospital staff saved!

Evangelists Trained!

Woman saved!

Two women saved

Man saved

Street evangelist shares Jesus with man and he turns life to Jesus!

Supplying tanks in Ukraine war zone!

Reaching grandmother for Christ

Newly trained evangelist holds first outdoor crusade!

Children evangelists trained by RHM

Children evangelists trained by RHM

Soul winners trained by RHM

Evangelism team trained by RHM

Just a few of the Gospel Tent ministries supplied with Gospel Newspapers by Russian Harvest Ministries