Reaching a Nation For JESUS!

     As you can see on the banner to the right, RHM has launched a MASSIVE End Time Vision ~ That is to reach all 42 MILLION people in the nation of Ukraine with a Gospel Newspaper by the end of 2020. We know this is HUGE nevertheless the Holy Spirit instructed us to lay it out and let Him open the doors of  miracle finances to bring this to pass.

     We are living a historic moment in Ukraine right now. The time is right and the iron is hot for a radical revival and Great Awakening. God has seen fit to place the mantle on RHM to HELP facilitate this great End Time move of the Spirit and we are taking it very serious. We are asking that you too take it serious. Let’s reach a nation for the Lord!


“Yes, I realize it is a huge risk laying out such a profound vision for all to see including the many critics that will arise. Nevertheless it must be said. It must be released in faith. It is giving a prophetic voice to something impossible to achieve without the hand of God. Besides, this is not our idea, it is the Lord’s and that makes all the difference. He will raise up an army of partners and open the doors needed to pull off this fantastic adventure now unfolding in Ukraine.”

Radical for Jesus ~ Peter Mehl

The Plan

Vision 2020 was launched January 1, 2016 and will go through the end of December 2020. During this time we will be working hard to reach every goal listed in the above banners. As of May 1, 2016 our 70 plus teams are reaching 300,000 people each month with a Gospel Newspaper. Add one other person in each home reading it and that is 600,000. By July 2017 we expect to be at, with the Lord’s help,  One Million Gospel Newspapers printed and sown each month.

Please pray about joining with us in this great End Time cause to reach the whole earth with the Gospel of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ ~ Beginning in Ukraine!

Radical for Jesus ~ Missionary Evangelist Peter Mehl

The RHM Gospel Newspaper is 4 pages - newspaper size - filled with powerful testimonies of salvation, healing and deliverance. It is also color and written in Russian and Ukrainian.

Training Trainers/Activating Churches into Evangelism:

Another church trained at the RHM Evangelism Camp and is now part of Vision 2020!

Youth evangelists!

Grandma saved!

Another Gospel Tent is put up in eastern Ukraine that reaches several hundred each day with our Gospel Newspapers.

Poltava youth trained by RHM Evangelism Team

Maxim Preaching the Gospel!

Maxim was trained in a church weekend evangelism camp in Zhitomir and then in our eight day Evangelism Camp we did in Odessa. Then he went out and began his own evangelism ministry and is reaching many for Jesus!

Another Evangelism Team Launched!

$5,000 will cover the printing of 250,000 Gospel Newspapers!

Will you sow a seed today and see thousands saved after next months printing as our seventy evangelists teams hit the streets all over Ukraine? Join Vision 2020 and witness a nation come to Jesus.

Youth evangelism team!

Gospel Table!

Gospel Table!

Gospel Table!

Gospel Table!

Gospel Table!

Gospel Table!

Gospel Newspaper billboard at bus stop!

Evangelism Teams locations are all over Ukraine. We believe to double the teams in 2017. Stand with us in faith and help reach a nation for Jesus.

Talalievka team ready to hit the streets for another day of evangelism!